How To Photoshop A Pregnant Belly

How To Photoshop A Pregnant Belly

How To Photoshop A Pregnant Belly


If you’ve recently discovered your pregnancy and are eager to envision your appearance at a later stage or if you’re simply curious to see yourself or a friend with multiple pregnant bumps, Adobe Photoshop provides a quick and effortless solution. Let’s dive into the steps:


Capture a sideways photograph of yourself or your friend and save it on your computer.


Launch Adobe Photoshop and go to the “File” option in the main menu. Choose “Open” and select the saved photograph by double-clicking its file name.


From the “Tools” panel, select the “Lasso” tool. Use it to create a circular outline encircling the lower belly area, commencing a few inches above the navel and concluding a few inches below it. Right-click inside this circular selection and opt for “Layer via Copy.


Click on “Edit” and choose “Transform.” Click on “Warp” to activate a grid of boxes, circles, and squares around the lower belly region.


By clicking and dragging the shapes on the desired side, you can make the pregnant belly appear. As you move the shapes, you will witness the belly gradually expanding. Meticulously craft the shape you prefer, ranging from a subtle protrusion to a full-fledged third-trimester pregnant belly. Once satisfied with the shape, press “Enter” to finalize it. Save the edited image.

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To add more pregnant bellies, repeat the previous step by clicking on “Edit” and selecting “Transform.” Then, click and drag the shapes on the desired side to achieve the desired appearance.


By following these steps, you can effortlessly utilize Photoshop’s graphic capabilities to visualize different stages of pregnancy and explore the potential changes in your physical appearance.

Watch the video below for better understanding.


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